What do our Day Of Coordinators do?

A Day-Of-Wedding Coordinator is the perfect solution for couples who have decided to handle most of the planning themselves. Planning your own wedding is a great way to stay on-budget and to keep costs down. But when your wedding day arrives, you will need a professional at your side to execute the minute-by-minute specifics of your plan. Many couples ask their maid-of-honor, a family member, or a friend to handle this task. But managing all of these details can be very stressful. In most cases, family and friends have no experience managing an event and too-often end up feeling overwhelmed as they try to focus on everything that must be done to ensure your day runs smoothly. As your Day-of-Wedding Coordinator, I will be on-site from beginning to end. I will be the focal point, the main contact person on your wedding day. Before your wedding day, though I am certainly available to brainstorm and answer your planning questions, all agreements should be finalized with your vendors prior to the wedding. A Broadway production needs a stage manager ... your wedding needs a Day-Of-Wedding Coordinator!
The following is an outline of some of the tasks that your coordinator will handle for your wedding:
3 Weeks Before Your Wedding
• Create an all-inclusive timeline document with the couple.
• Review all arrangements the couple has previously made with vendors.
1 Week Before Your Wedding
• Confirm timeline plan with vendors.
• Ensure all vendors know when and where to be and where to set up.
Wedding Rehearsal
• Work with wedding officiant to lead the wedding rehearsal.
• During the rehearsal, the wedding party meets at the ceremony venue to rehearse the processional, ceremony, and recessional.
• Ensure the wedding party knows when and where to be on the wedding day.
 Before the Ceremony At couple's “getting dressed” location
• Coordinate hair and make-up schedule with wedding party and stylists.
• Coordinate food deliveries.
• Coordinate the set-up and clearing of all meals.
• Receive delivery of personal flowers (bridal bouquet, bridesmaids flowers and corsages/boutonnières). • Distribute personal flowers.
• Ensure the officiant has the marriage license before the ceremony begins.
• Ensure photographer has the photo shoot list.
• Gather wedding party and immediate family for photos.
• Coordinate arrival / parking of transportation services.
• Instruct wedding party when to depart for ceremony.
• Assist wedding party with wedding gown, dresses, suits, tuxedos (need a sewing kit or stain remover ... we'll have them!).
• Provide regular reminders to ensure the entire wedding party is getting dressed and on-time.
• Maintain a Wedding Day Emergency Kit. The kit includes items like stain sticks, hairspray, safety pins, a sewing kit, scissors, Static Guard, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste, straws, Band-Aids, and snacks.
• Remind wedding party of any last minute details.
• Communicate with ceremony venue to ensure a smooth arrival at the ceremony location.
• Ensure ushers have programs.
• Set up ceremony items (aisle runner, candles, sand ceremony, rose ceremony, love letter box, hand-fasting cord, etc.).
• Ensure that ushers/groomsmen arrive on time and are ready to pass out programs as guests arrive.
• Receive delivery of personal flowers for wedding party.
• Alert ushers/groomsmen as to when to begin escorting guests to their seats.
• Groomsmen will be coached on how to properly serve as ushers.
• Coordinate the activities of ceremony musicians / DJ.
• Working with the DJ, ensure microphones have been tested and are ready.
• Confirm ceremony music with musicians/DJ and determine what hand signals will be used and when to cue music.
• Act as a liaison with the ceremony officiant and decide what cue will be used to signal the start of the ceremony.
• Remain in regular contact with the couple and wedding party before the ceremony begins.
• Line up the wedding party for their entrance down the aisle.
• Cue ceremony musicians when wedding party is ready to begin processional.
• Gather family and friends for after-ceremony photographs.
• Gather witnesses to meet with the officiant to sign the marriage license.
Reception Celebration
• Greet vendors (band, florist, caterer, etc.) and ensure they know where to set up.
• Arrange table seating/name cards.
• Ensure reception flowers and decorations are set up properly.
• Ensure that gazebo, tents and lighting are set up properly and troubleshoot as needed.
• Confirm meal serving timeline with catering staff and servers.
• Set up guest book and pen, champagne flutes, cake cutting utensils.
• Set up amenities such as special baskets, hand towels, and soaps in washrooms.
• Ensure proper passing of cocktail hour food.
• Look over dining tables and make sure they are set up properly.
• Following cocktail hour, lead guests to the dining area.
• Help guests locate their dining tables.
• Cue the minister when it is time to offer the meal blessing.
• Locate the couple and position them so they are ready for their introduction and first dance.
• Cue band once the guests have found their tables and the couple is ready to be introduced.
• Cue band, photographer, and videographer when important events are about to take place (introductions, dances, toasts, etc.).
• Cue best man and father of the bride when they are about to be announced for toasts.
• Alert catering staff to pour champagne just before the toasts.
• Be aware of timing of catering service and make sure people are served promptly.
• Maintain a lost-and-found in a secure location.
• Distribute final payments/gratuities to vendors at the end of the evening.
• Remain accessible during the entire event.
• Ensure the schedule is followed, to prevent any overtime charges by the venue.
• Set up favor table towards the end of the evening.
• Pack up gifts, cards, and miscellaneous ceremony and reception items and have them ready to be taken to a family member's vehicle at the end of the night.
• Coordinate the couple's departure from the reception.
• Coordinate departure transportation



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